this week in music

the death of the CD – this artice on asks if we are currently witnessing the death of the CD. “CD sales are nosediving– down 7% this year so far. A drop of 7% might not seem like much, but in business it can be devastating, especially in this bloated, stagnant industry which needs growth just to stay on its feet.”. the authors mention podcasts and all the free music available online as possible causes for this phenomenon. however if the free music available is as crap as the following pieces, I somehow seriuosly doubt this explanation:

:flash: I Love My Mac by daphna – argh. please go away. pc users hate us mac users enough as it is.

:flash: shut you big fat mouth – the official redneck wifebeater hymn. [both via 4rthur]

and in other musical news: its jump the bandwagon time at John and Claire Mendelson have created a imho fairly awful song entitled We are not afraid. but hey. musical tastes vary, innit?

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