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[stuff what got stuck in my browser tabs this last week or so]

:flash: steinski interview @ monkeyfunk – one of the true innovators in 80’s hiphop gives a refreshingly candid interview that shows he never allowed things to get to his head. [via beatmixed]

:flash: – is where you can buy a mouse mat looking like a persian rug. wansta have one.

:flash: nose piercing – holy crap, i wonder if this guys is breathing through his nose when he sleeps? wait, what was i looking for again… oh. this is good as well. and this even.

:flash: joi ito podcasts from an airplane – apparently joi made this while on an airplane using audio hijack, skype and the boeing connexion service on lufthansa flight 711. gotta love that geek.

:flash: ESRB Recalls San Andreas – the Entertainment Software Rating Board recalls GTA:San Andreas because of the Hot Coffee scenes. so wait, let me get this straight, killing hundreds of enemies is fine but one extremly well hidden sexscene egg is not?

:flash: dj mp3 sites – a site dedicated to indexing all the legal DJ mp3 downloading ressources. aha. noble effort. [via beatmixed]

:flash: something like mahna mahna – quite a hilarious mashup.

:flash: daily show on london bombings – oh yes, i am way late on that one… but it’s somehow never too late for a daily show, or is it?

:flash: google moon – here’s proof that the moon is in fact made of cheese. (zoom all the way in)

:flash: ss richard montgomery matter – “Fact: The US explosives carrier Richard Montgomery sank in the Thames Estuary in August 1944. It was loaded with 15000 tons of explosive munitions. The Admiralty decided to leave the wreck and its dangerous cargo undisturbed. The wreck lies just a few hundred yards offshore between an oil refinery and the several towns.” this freaked me out so i don’t even know why i even blog it here. (i am not afraid, i am not afraid, i am not…)


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