brad pitt is pro-war

finally some american actors [and artists] are taking a stand against the war. they tell it to us with their botoxed out expressionless faces, but still, the finally do.
in comes brad pitt and says he is pro-war…
now here’s a piece of news that got a totally mixed response from me.
on one hand i was totally shocked. what an idiot. how could he? he must be outta his pretty little head
on the other hand i wanted scream “strike” and dance around singing “told you so”. finally little mister perfect shows fault. the ladykiller admits how truely shallow he is.
hah, brad, why dont you go hang out with yer peabrain friends gw “LL” bu’shit and tony b.Liar.
or is this you already working on yer retirement plan?
wanna become the first genX president?

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