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[stuff what got stuck in my browser tabs this last week or so]

changing the world and such

:flash: ecopedia – wiki encyclopedia focusing on alternative lifestyle techniques from how to grow your own food to alternative means of transportaion. unfortunately only in french. thus far. [thanx klav!]

:flash: dr. d’s surgery – dr. d shows some very inspiring, grandscale billboard liberations on his newly launched website. [via woo]

:flash: the rebranding of billy bailey – this cory doctorow short will appear in the newest issue of adbusters, and while we wait for it to get here in the mail…

:flash: delocator – enter a zip code and this website will list alternative cafes to starbucks. [via adbusters]

:flash: educating wesley – photo series picturing wesley, a kid growing up in an anarchist collective.

music what make me go “eep”

:flash: filewile: shlenco – a new filewile track is available for free download and just this week i received a preview copy of the excellent and stunning sunny days: knock knock ep on vinyl. [disclaimer: filewile’s dustbowl is a personal friend of mine]

:flash: matthew herbert: plat du jour – i mentioned this album about a month ago, well, it’s now officially out, and can be bought online. but attention, i am having the hardest time to download this properly and they are not responding to my emails.

:flash: sjam & kypski present the clocktave – flash movie that lets you observe in awe how these guys scratch up a band. [via beatmixed]

:flash: cruisebox: that podcast song – well, “eep” can be an expression of joy as well as of distaste, innit?

politics and such

:flash: The War on Terror | As viewed from the Bourne shell – geeky political humor.

:flash: douglas rushkoff: Suicide Bombs as Viral Media – raises some very interesting questions regarding the role of mainstream media and the suicide bombers.

:flash: The Logic of Suicide Terrorism – interview with a scientist who made an empirical study on suicide bombers and draws some very interesting conclusions. [blame coz i would never have thought i would link to the american conservative]

:flash: online file sharers ‘buy more music’ – hah. see?


:flash: wer ist claudia? – interactive face remix tool [via damn i forgot…]

:flash: picking up girls made easy – this album was put out in 1975 with the following claim: “this amazing new record album will soon have you pick up girls automatically”. with a sample mp3.

:flash: erowid MDMA vault – just what it says on the tin. ecstacy pills galore.

:flash: sexual slang on wikipedia – as always with wikipedia: conclusive, empirical, thorough. [all via 4rthur]

:flash: the sun romantic death – video cut up using the orgasm portraits. [NSFW?]

worthaclick photos

:flash: rubbish drawing 1 | rubbish drawing 2 | rubbish drawing 3 – they literally are rubbish, more here [via woo]

:flash: oh mang – i am sooo tempted to say: “wassup dawg”, but i won’t. [via holymoly newsletter]

:flash: the naked truth – [NSFW?] museum leopold in vienna offers free entry to the exhibit “die nackte wahrheit” [= the naked truth] for naked or sparsely dressed visitors. and masses of people followed the invitation. german media is having a fieldday. kinda ugly. kinda cool.


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