1.8. swiss national holiday – time to hide

1.8. swiss national holiday – time to hide
in aosta this time. just south of the border. to enjoy some nice italian food. and then maybe some coffee on the piazza grande. an ice crem maybe. and no fireworks (i hate that – sounds like war). no ugly patridiots (oh mang). no trempling pathos in federal councillors voices (zap). no drunken nationally ordained merriness (teh worstest). ᙳ

even starfrosch publishing the swiss national anthem won’t help me change my mind. nor the excellent “adress to the nation” by frank baumann [now this man should so have a blog] in der kleine bund [not online yet edit: yes yes its there now!]. ᙳ

yeah. it’s our lil “family” ritual. each year we leave the country for the time of the national holiday. not far. not long. just one day. out and in. ᙳ

a few times we tried france. just north of the border lays the french jura. it’s an ok region, but the restaurants in the region almost exclusively serve frog legs. i am not kidding. so the last few years it’s been south of the border. italy, domodossola, milan, aosta. and it is aosta again this year. to be fair, this year we did want to give germany a go. we wanted to visit the zkm in karlsruhe. but they are closed mondays. sigh. italy again. ᙳ

actually one friend i met yesterday at the excellent [despite the fireworks] zaffaraya party has a different method, that i can appreciate. each year he gets so VERY drunk at the zaffaraya party that he then just sleeps through the national festivities. maybe i should try that sometime? ᙳ

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