scoopt use CC-licensed image in twisted argumentation

al4ie is fuming. and i totally understand.
scoopt is trying to set up an agency where people can send their mobile phone photos and videos to try and make money.
so far so good. and in some instances that does make sense.
but they are now using this image – taken by adam stacey shortly after the 7/7 attacks in london, released under a CC license @ and consequently used by news networks around the world – for a really twisted argumentation.
they are implying that to release this under CreativeCommons was a waste and tons of money could have been made. well sure, possibly yes. and the scoopt business could have had their first …errr… scoop.

but to release content in such a manner is a concious choice, a choice stemming from political conviction. and the fact that this image was released under CC should be applauded, and not used to feed the arguments of the greedy.

AND: CreativeCommons does offer a license that protects people in such situations and may even lead to possible revenue [CC2.0 by-nc], but that was conveniently ignored here as well.

so when for awhile there i thought that scoopt could be a cool idea, now it has gotten way clear where they position themselves politically and re: copyrights.

edit: apparently scoopt have amended their piece some and al4ie is not fuming any longer. but i am still somewhat doubtful as i think their entry is still implying the same thing basically, and even doing so in an almost more sneaky way now. scoopt should actually push the CreativeCommons by-nc license not subtly imply it does not protect your images.

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