synopsis tool for boring movies

yesterday i watched a horrible movie. slow. pointless. shite. and no, i don’t even dare to say which one it was.
ok, ok, it was “open range” staring kevin kostner and annette bening.
now, some might argue that those 2 names alone should be warning enough not to watch a film. i knowwww! however however however i still did… to sum up: 2 hours wasted. and nobody to blame but myself.

the thing with me is though that once i start to watch a movie i have to know how it ends. i know i know the fast forward button on the recorder helps, but what if you are watching the movie as it airs?
so this morning i had a brilliant idea: the synposis tool.
cable tv should have this feature where once you started a movie and you see that it’s boring you can click *the button* and you will receive a 10 minute synposis of the movie giving you the whole score and showing you the odd noteworthy scene… this feature clearly must happen! who has time to waste on boring movies?

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