participatory culture: tv player 4 os x

This is a big day for the Downhill Battle crew that works on Participatory Culture — we just released a Beta of DTV for Mac OS X.

You can download it now at It’s totally free and open-source.
DTV is an internet TV player: you can browse the built-in Channel Guide and subscribe to dozens of channels. Watch fullscreen: music videos, documentaries, video blogs and more.

You can submit your channels to our open Channel Guide, or make your own channel with Broadcast Machine. And you don’t need to be a videomaker to have your own channel — use Broadcast Machine to link to videos from all over the place.

*downloads* i already have the lovely app ant that does sort of the same thing, but this might be for vlogs and bottom-up online tv what iPodder was for podcasts. the thing that for me stays unresolved: how to host a vlog? i mean its one thing to upload a few mp3s, but movies are heavy, man. edit: oh, of course and why do i keep forgetting these? right, so, hmmm, where is this videocam i had…

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