a rose on the bridge

kornhausbruecke bern

okay, i admit it, i am slightly afraid of hights and the bridge that i have to cross when i walk downtown is indeed rather tall – educated guess: 40 – 50 meters – and it’s always a slight challenge for me to cross it on foot. but now that somebody has attached a red rose to the railing, right in the center above the river, i am really quite freaked out about it.
what is it when people do this?
so somebody jumped and now we all need to know?
we all need to shiver?
what’s the message here?
suicide is an aggressive act. and now the family of this person has taken it upon themselves to spread the message? pheew…

same thing when they build little altars on the sides of the roads where people have died in accidents.
and you of course tend to see those altars while driving up or down a winding mountain road on a wet and/or snowy surface…
very calming. very reassuring that.

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