spoonfork – 1st edition

spoonfork 1st issue

the first edition of this excellent german online flash magazine with leaf-through effect looks really promising. when’s the next one coming out?

edit: the more i look at spoonfork.de the more exited i get. i mean, the possibilities here are huge. this online magazine takes inspiration from the screen magazines like tigermagazine, frenzine and mostlybeendoing, yet it is less about art and contentwise it takes things to a different level; also a much more commercially exploitable level, but uhm… this way it will be possible to create very haptic magazines, using fake 3D, that seem to allow the user to touch stuff and move things around. check out the cd review page and the one where you can unfold and refold the chairs and you’ll see what i mean. the one big backset: flash won’t let you link to specific content directly, the navigation is clumsy that way.

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