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[stuff what got stuck in my browser tabs this last week or so]


:flash: staying power the frenchbloke all nude review – frenchbloke, bootleg/mashup maestro of the 1. hour, sent out 11 [!] dvds stuffed full with 16 hours of bootlegs and much much more. if you were not part of the 11 chosen one’s, which i wasn’t either, it’s now available as a torrent.

:flash: beastie boys acapellas every friday – why are the beasties simply TOO cool? they are releasing a new acapella every friday. time to start up FF extension downTHEMall!. [via beatmixed]

:flash: do they know it’s hallowe’en? – “This fall’s sweetest – and scariest – benefit song is DO THEY KNOW IT’S HALLOWE’EN. This single features a star-studded ensemble known as the NORTH AMERICAN HALLOWEEN PREVENTION INITIATIVE. Both a trick and a treat, this song is a satire.” the contributors list reads like a who-is-who in alternative music, from beck to sonic youth via peaches and buck65, and all proceeds from sales will go to UNICEF.

:flash: HOWto remove DRM from their songs posted by dave matthews band – a brave bunch. i would love to hear the story that proceeded this.

the rest

:flash: not possible? – socks!

:flash: – a lovely simple website. i really love this guys drawings/collages, like lion thong and toenail lawnmower. [via we make money not art]

:flash: – “interaktive buchvisualisierung” inspired by murakami books [via frenzine]

:flash: we’re not afraid in chinese & german – kids rule!±! doris & jennifer & janosch [14] made my week.

:flash: // ruben fleischer = the best \ – not the most humble of claims, but ruben gots some very nice photos on his website and an excellent webdesign by cobra creative. and i thought black was out of the picture… [via k10k]

:flash: this guy does work too much – click [thanx klav]

:flash: iPod my baby – i am very much against this. but some people tagged this as “cute” and “baby” over @ … hmmmm? [via 4rthur]

:flash: ultimate flash face – quite some fun can be had with this face profiling app. see: sis’s trolls.

:flash: dead pets game – in this game you have to bat dead pets as far as you can. not half as gruesome as it sounds even.

:flash: daisy duke dances for you – literally. and you can even embiggen it. [thanx sis]

:flash: iBook sale erupts in chaos, stampede – see greed in action.

:flash: touched by his noodle appendage – meet my new desktop. this brilliant illustration is part of the ongoing …

:flash: Flying Spaghetti Monster Cult – to which i say: “i’n’i pastafarai”, “pastaman vibrations yeeeaaaah positive”, “no parmesan no cry”.

oh … and switzerland

:flash: dj bobo with a red mohawk – STOP! NOWWWW! ENOUGH ALREADY! the swiss mega popstar looking like shite. yet again . how much longer does he plan to embarass me for being swiss?

:flash: houellebecqs alptraum – swiss houellebcq fans should read das magazin this wknd. or maybe they should not. cant decide yet…

:flash: nov. 12. 2005: england – argentina in geneva – oh this would so sweeten my november blues…


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