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rhythm & ting

:flash: matthew herbert video and free mp3 – the bbc has produced a documentary about matthew herbert and his latest album plat du jour, an album created entirely from food sounds. before visiting him in his studio in brixton they hit the local food market to get some coconuts and juice and they then filmed matthew making a track from this. the resulting track is actually available online. and i so would link to it if the server were not too busy right now.

:flash: the rawker – ozzies older brother? must be!

:flash: bill cosby: talks to kids about drugs – and he can’t sing for shit… waxy is hosting this amazingly bizzarre album with a message, “kids, do you know what a pusher will do? he will sell you any drugs”.

:flash: japan-now festival, bern, berlin, krakov – my friend imre thormann has put together a festival of contemporary japanese acts with a buttoh twist to be held in bern, berlin and krakov. some of these guys look way rad.

:flash: october 13th john peel day – but of course…

:flash: gorillaz checking into habbo hotel – the US version of habbo hotel will host a gorillaz gig and allow them to meet their fans in the chat environment.

question: speaking of which, what do you guys think, should i delete the comments offering hacks to habbo hotel that some guys have started posting in comments on my blog? how’s the legal situation?

nuts and bolts

:flash: 1. intl. word of mouth marketing conference – i have very mixed feelings about this. marketing and PR people trying to use viral and word-of-mouth campaigns is nothing new – but now they have their own conference? WOM and virla will get sooo old so fast… my guess is that people will start to distinguish between “real” viral and commercial viral. in fact i already do.

:flash: technology feels the chill – ben hammersley takes a look at how the grokster case has already affected innovation in the US. key sentence: “In the end, the problem is, at heart, a local one. Because the US supreme court only rules over the US, the rulings there don’t make any difference to programmers in the rest of the world. And while Europe does sometimes take a lead from US law with respect to copyright issues, much of the developing world does not.” so a few good years in europe, maybe, but the rest of the world, with india in the forefront, can start their celebrations right about now. it has never been so easy to compete with the tumbling giant.

:flash: hamster charging mobile phone – i knew these smelly animal things running around their stupid wheels in their cages were good for something. more info.

:flash: allegedly legal dance party broken up by poilce in utah – nuts! [al4ie is mirroring an amateur video]

:flash: pervert exposed via flickr – in a way cool in a way not – know what am saying?

:flash: HOWTO build your bullshit deflector – as worn by this veteran during a recent bush speech. with downloadable PDF’s and all…

:flash: Tontie______EYEZMAZE – ’tis a cool enough flash game, but never ever as cool as laser.swf… [via habi]

switzerland = greed central

:flash: tourists charged money to get evacuated from the flood cut-off mountain areas – i read this in the blick today, but can’t find it online – which seems quite significant. if true this will work well to make overpriced tourism in switzerland more appealing…


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