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[stuff what got stuck in my browser tabs this last week or so]

:flash: | Political Science 101 – interview with the author of the book “the republican war on science”. [via american samizdat]

:flash: the new orleans mayor cuts loose – he might be out of a job soon but man is this d00d right on.

:flash: appd video – anarchistische pogo-partei deutschlands has produced a one-off election video to be aired on german tv, but the tv channels zdf and ard have pulled back and won’t be airing it. catch the video on the glorious interweb. “meine stimme für den müll!” like klav, i’d vote for appd if i could. [cheerz klav]

:flash: 1. o’reilly european open source convention 17. – 20. 10. in a’dam – the pricing is outrageous! i am surprised. boingboing readers [= everybody] do get a discount by using the code “Euor05rrd”. but i still can’t afford it. are we meant to invest all the money we save by using open source software into attending the o’reilly cons?

:flash: – watch the world population grow. i stumbled upon this using …

:flash: Firefox Extension StumbleUpon – it’s fun to random websurf again… another great tiewasting tool.

:flash: – daily street art photography site by jake dobkin and sponsored by wooster collective. all photos released to the public domain without copyright restrictions.

:flash: flickr: notting hill carnival cluster – i can’t even remember how many years i’ve been meaning to make it to a notting hill carnival. thanx to flickr this year it was like being there… and here’s the official site with quite a few photos.

:flash: MAGIX iclipaward – till 12.9. vote for your favorite interactive music video. the winner will get shown at popcomm in berlin. for me it was between basics 09 and furtw 03. [via de:bug]

:flash: NYT on flying spaghetti monster– he he


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