about baby’s almost dropped and pisstained panties

michael jackson almost dropped that baby.

he almost dropped that baby, the one he named prince michael II.
michael I. almost dropped prince michael II.
the german media roared!
then the american pressed started to roar.
michael appologized.
but what is even more interesting: nobody knows where that baby came from.
there’s no mother around.
prince michael II. just sort of materialised out of thin air.
prince michael II. is michael I.’s new toy, so he can drop it from his balcony as he pretty damn well pleases…
no mother around to yell at him after dropping that baby. pretty niffty!

but what about that baby now?
is it a clone?
an in vitro conception?
an extraterrestrian?

at about the same time madonna almost pissed her panties when she visited the queen during the james bond opening ceremony. i of course want to see those panties..
don’t you?

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