scandal in the white house

appearently us president GW “ll” Bu’shit was caught redhanded as he was giving a blowjob to his buddy Tony B.Liar, primeminister.
at first the two seemed not bothered much. GW angrily mumbeled something like: “‘lose ff’ fffffff’ckin’ ‘oor” over his shoulder, which just goes to show, that it is difficult to talk with your mouth full. but the scandal went full blown, when the wifes of the two filed for divorce and moved into a vigilante commune in montana.

at the following pressconference B.Lair was surprisingly candid in his declaration: “at first it was hard to get … errr … hard. lots of pressure as i did not want to dissapoint Mr. Bu’shit, who did a great [blow]job, *smirk* pun intended…. but then i thought to myself, it’s not everyday that you get blown off by the most powerful man in the world, so then it got quite kinky …”
GW “ll” Bu’shit was more brief in his statement: “i am the president off the united states, i can blow off whoever i want to…”

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