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real quick and sloppy as i am about to embark go on my looooonnngg trainride to lihhinnnzzzz

Visibility is a strange thing. “What means visibility for a person, a brand, a product or a company?” “In addition, what are we doing with visibility?” These questions was Attiks – a designer team of Belgium – asking them self. Because sometimes visibility can be funny or trilling but if there is a client who is not being thoughtful, it can be very frustrating or even irritating. However, visibility is not constrained to the office, it is everywhere, and you see visible things around you which are good or bad. In addition, sometimes the most horrible business card you ever saw is just a matter of taste, of just trying to fit in the marketing strategy. A concept was born, why don’t we ask other designers in the world to send in their vision of visibility in funny, thrilling, frustrating or strange graphic work around the concept ‘visibility’.

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