ars electronica 2005 h-word: ???

i have not said anything yet, because i wanted to wait for the presentation this morning. but karel dudesek’s [jury member] explanation did not help. and so i have to say, that i really do not get this years prix ars electronica winners in the category net vision. is a software, downloadable via the internet, okay, but primarily a coder project. a great project, but hardly a net art piece. plus: processing is not that new and has had quite some exposure already here @ ars electronica. is 5 years old, the injunction generator not much more recent. again, both of them great projects, but i always thought net vision wanted to [and actually really should] honour recent work.
and finally is pretty pointless. cute yes, but sort of blah.

i must go through the list of submissions. i am sure much more relevant work has been submitted.

what is it about artists claiming that obviously political media art is NOT political? why is that? hans bernhard [] just did it in regards to his projects vote-auction and injunction generator… michelle teran did it a few days ago in regards to her piece life: a users manual.
why is that?

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