tenori-on: i fell in love w. a gadget in beta


after seeing toshio iwai and yu nishibori perform with these amazing instruments last night in linz i must fully have one!
end of discussion.
the only problem, it so far only exists in a beta version. so please, dear mr. yamaha, produce this and sell these in europe!
we need them.
i also fully volonteer to be a beta-tester. no really…

edit: tenori-on is a collaboration of toshio iwai with yamaha with the declared goal to create a digital music instrument that is equally stunning in shape, interface and sound. digital instruments do quite generally tend to be the opposite. they forget the design aspect as most come in fugly black boxes with knobs and switches. not so tenori-on. the stunningly beautiful instrument was presented here as a beta version. it is primarilly a visual midi sequencer, but it also consists of a 16 by 16 buttons led display that visualises the music. very intuitive and within minutes one can create amazing music.

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