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we re not afraid exhibit

right. so i am in london now, meeting some of the wna team for the very first time [in real life that is as via IM its been veeery intense with most all of them] and getting ready for the opening tonite at proud gallery 5 buckingham st. near charing cross tube.

i feel veeeery ambivalent about linking to the proud gallery website, but let me hasten to add, only because i find their online print selling application extremly silly and very out-of-place. but that’s a whole ‘nother discussion and there’s nothing that can be done about it. i do actually wonder if they make any money at all with that shop… must remember to ask someone tonite.

we’re not afraid – the exhibit will be very worthwhile to visit. i think it will come together nicely and it should be great fun tonite. i am of course honoured to be here and to be a very small part of this exhibit and this project.

A Unifying Message of Peace and Tolerance
9 September 2005 –22 October 2005

Date: 9 th September – 22nd October 2005
Entry: A charitable donation of £5.00 upwards is required
Opening: 8 th September 2005 10am – 7pm Mon – Thurs; 11am – 6pm Fri- Sunday
Address: 5 Buckingham Street, The Strand, London, WC2N6BP www.proud.co.uk Tube: Charing Cross

in case you missed it: there’s an excellent discussion/flamewar at the capitalG moblog [the blog access is currently password protected and i don’t have it] regarding wna, chomsky, politics. reading through it has made my morning as i 100% agree with alfie: it is discussions like these that wna was hoping to inspire; passionate, multi-faceted, political discussions that question consensus reality simply by portraying the widest possible range of human thought and opinion. to then in typical web manner fall back into casual banter. as always, the truth is somewhere in the middle.

thanx also to misternavid for linking to an excellent site with among other things a talk aldous huxley gave in 1962 in berkely.

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