Osymyso mix coming up

sorry, no podcast/djmix today. but this is much, much, sooooooo much better, of course:
osymyso is releasing a propper mix cd. i am fortunate enough to already have heard it, and i can tell you the mix is teh excellence! put this on your “one to buy” list, please… full review in the works.
[mark, it was brilliant to meet you last night and thanx so much for the cds]

the art of flipping the channel - osymyso mix

The Art Of Flipping Channels is an all new, fully legitimate, you can buy it in the shops mix CD brought to you by osymyso. It is released on the 26th September 2005. The label behind its release is Antidote who you may know from their past releases that include mixes from such greatness as DJ Yoda, Steinski, Cassette Boy, DJ Format and Prince Paul. It’s got plenty in there for those of you with a short attention span; Wagon Christ, Kid Koala, Prefuse 73, Depth Charge and Cabbage Boy all mushed together with some tasty themes such as Miami Vice, The Adams Family, Bewitched, The Incredible Hulk, Hill Street Blues and the Elmer Bernstein theme from Ghostbusters. CAT NO : ANTCD115

and, more music releated news: rebirth the legendary propellerhead software simulating all the relevant rolands [303, 808, 909] has been discountinued. sad that. but but but, no need to dispear. you now get to download it for free at the rebirthmuseum.com [via beatmixed]

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