london 4 losers: a quickguide

i mean, come on, what else could have gone wrong?

– franziska/monkeypunk missing her flight after paying 100.– swissfrancs for a taxi trying to get there on time

– our all time favorite restaurant closed, replaced by a %&*@#$ lame taqueria! and why is the website still online? [mandola cafe]

– my wallet stolen on portobello road

– dealing with cops and creditcards instead of drogpas and mates

– swiss embassy closed means having to travel home without an ID

– on the flight home [read: easyJet was being nice] somehow some water got into my backpack in the overhead department. yeah, the backpack with my laptop inside

– laptop at first seemed fine, but now the screen is starting to flicker. and all mac stores are closed on monday

luckily the heavens did not fall on our head…

oh, there were a few very good things:

– meeting osymyso and paula le dieu at the wna opening

– listening to the brilliant osymyso mix cd!!! *goosebumps*

– meeting galore

– 2 walks in hampstead heath [that park is unreal!]

– leon driving a mini [teh total adrenalin]


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