linx via linz

i am cleaning up from my recent trip to london and linz and i just remembered these bookmarks:

debbie yu-ling

:flash: firstpageDebby – debbie aka yu-ling from taiwan is a student at the Coventry School of Art and Design. she makes funky aninations[!] like this one; animations that reminded cat mazza of …

:flash: paperrad – be careful not to have an epileptic seizure when you visit this VERY colorful site, but some of the anims are funny. and i quite love puffy smalls errr puffy dolls.

:flash: – jim finn is cat microRevolt‘s boyfriend, yeah i know, teh lucky booger. jim makes films and as redstatecraft he needlepoints radical pillows like these:

jim finn

:flash: and i don’t think i need to mention regine and christoph, the bloggers i met in linz and all the mobloggers i met in london…

people may diss ars electronica all they want, but at the very least the people you get to meet [hi eli and debbie!] always makes the trip there sooo worth it…

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