le temps detruit tout

another one in great line of movies, that never made it to the swiss cinemas, irreversible is the film, that made scandal at last years film festival in cannes. 20 people fainted or had nervous break-downs during the showing and more than 200 chose not to watch it to the end. why we get to read this information on the dvd-box is beyong me. is this something to brag about?

yeah it’s the one with the 5 minute rapescene, which leaves not much to imagination, but, as if that was not enough, the movie has a few other visual cruelties in store, which are truely quite hard to handle.
the movie’s central message seems to be a justification of vengance, with one of the central statements being “la vengance c’est un droit humain”. the rather nihilistic credo “le temps detruit tout” does not uplift the mood by much.
nevertheless this movie is a great work of art. truely great acting, the scenography perfectly adapted to the gruesome plot, the art-work, the subtle yet crafty use of special fxs all coming from a very secure hand. so i do recommend it. but keep a pillow close by, during some scenes you might want to cover your eyes …

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