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[stuff what got stuck in my browser tabs this last week or so]

:flash: characters in motion – pictoplasma is not organising a full-on conference this year. that’ll be in 2006. but this fall they slam out a lil festival – “a festival of contemporary character design in animation, motion graphics and music visuals” – 25. – 26. nov. 2005 in berlin.

:flash: iPatch – avast! it’s almost international talk like a pirate day again – this coming monday 19th – and pirate websites are cropping up left and right. me likee iPatch. [via webzen]

:flash: the harddrive is the new bling – *gasp* and i can’t express it any better than alfie … “to have proper street cred these days you gots ta be all mp3 and 60 Gig baby”.

:flash: pspupdates – please forgive me for i have sinned. with all the frustrating things happening last week i had to get myself a new gadget = works like a charm to take away the blues, one time. can’t wait to see this game, and let’s hope it does get a release in europe. please? psp emulation would also be nice to get working, but uhm… games? all i can say is lumines, an audio-puzzle/sequencer game from the makers of REZ *bows in awe* for the ps2. featuring music by mondo grosso and eri nobuchika.

:flash: themepunks – the first chapter of cory doctorow’s new novel themepunks is getting released @ salon in weekly portions. seems like cory is getting more and more antsy in getting his stuff out fresh out of his laptop. [command] [S] [publich]

:flash: google announces blogsearch – and somewhere i read in the subtitle: “the end of technorati?” and i think it was waxy and he may have edited it later. but i could be wrong.

:flash: skypebay – 2.6 billions??? lord have mercy

:flash: bush: one of the worst disasters to hit the u.s. – caption writers on sky news being subversive in not very subtle ways. [via – now with a favicon straight from WordArt]


:flash: sigur ros video – amazing… [via raymi]

:flash: mylo vs. miami sound machine – rather amusing indeed

:flash: tim & tom – extraordinary animation [via 4rthur]

:flash: 5th graders enact devo’s whip it – please bear with the add. awwww [via waxy]

swissness [or: you had to be there]

:flash: heinrich gartentor manipulates and wins the elections for swiss minister of culture – or sumink. and who cares. right? however some swiss bloggers obviously took this online election rather too serious and i can’t help but get a very grumpy vibe from this leu podcast
are bloggers bad losers? get a girlfriend already! at any rate: the score is artists – bloggers: 1 – 0.



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