why we steal – an interview

i just read a short interview with yomango @ adbusters. i have no clue how long this has been online, but it left me quite impressed. yomango is a group of activists based in barcelona [of course] that promotes “shoplifting as a form of civil disobedience and survival technique”.

Yomango offers workshops on theatrical theft, stolen-goods fashion shows, and fabric Yomango labels for stitching into lifted clothing. The brand name Yomango, which in Spanish slang means “I steal,”? is a play on the popular clothing chain Mango. As a lifestyle, Yomango is spread around the world by formal activist “franchises”? in Mexico, Germany and across South America. Informal participation is everywhere.

for me personally, my shoplifting days have long gone, but i like the way these guys take an act that already happens everywhere and daily, and will continue to do so as long as the capitalist system exists, and re-contextualize it as an act of civil disobedience.

AB: Do you really want to live in a world in which everyone’s stealing from each other?

PAUL: We’re not talking about stealing actually. We’re talking about “Yomangoing,”? which is different. We’re talking about liberating products from multinational companies or big chain stores, malls and commercial centers. We are not stealing from anyone; we are stealing from other entities, other properties.

so i can just hope that the guy who stole my wallet in london reads this, yeah that means you!, and returns my stuff to me asap and starts stealing from the bad guys instead. ok, so i am kind of a bad guy. like, who’s bad? but still…

san precario
san precario, the patron saint of the precarious [apparently]

also, and only slightly related: the excellent dj food mix Raiding the 20th Century, where strictly kev “liberates” 100’s of songs, is online again. if you don’t have this already grab it while you can. [via beatmixed]

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