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:flash: b.o.c.: the campfire headphase – i would have never felt so guilty for “finding” an album online and i would hereby promise promise promise that i would buy the vinyl, the cd and the dvd versions as soon as they hit the market. in october. 19th to be more precise. having said that since the album was leaked onto the glorious interweb the temptation may or may not have been simply too big. b.o.c. = TEH EXCELLENCE!!!!!!!!!1 *brainmelt*

:flash: the amazing huge pink bunny dropped on the mountaintop – that i first saw [via we-make-money]

:flash: eclectic method : we’re not vj’s – eclectic method create videos with a bootlegger feel and they just released their first dvd – available via ninjatune shop. [via beatmixed]

:flash: GROW CUBE ver.0 – is a rather cute puzzle game. [via 4rthur]

:flash: fingathing: time capsule – only becoz they are one of my favorite bands do i even feature this. but guys. it is so not time for a best-of album yet. keep em fresh tunes coming, monnn.

:flash: midaircondo: serenade – a stunning video by a stunning band. gustav comes to mind, but somehow also b.o.c.

:flash: ubuweb is back – i actually already linked to ubu this past week [the dj food: raiding the 20th century mix], but it was missie w.‘s job to remind me that ubuweb was actually offline this whole summer. well, it’s back, redesigned, and all the great content like the 365 days project, the joseph beuys video we love and much more is available again.

:flash: highschool band plays dj shadow’s endtroducing – i love stuff like that. loop based, dj produced music gets picked up by a high school band to be played with like proper instruments and stuff. [via waxy]

:flash: papercasting – he he [via]

:flash: crap – true. but your music is ok.

:flash: try^d: public – a new album released, you guessed it, into the public domaine. [via lessig]

and switzerland

:flash: pippilotti rist has to close her video installation @ biennale venice – ugh, one of the reasons we are going to the biennale this weekend! swiss video artist pipilotti rist has to close her installation in the san stae church because some catholics objected. this installation belongs to the swiss pavillion at this years biennale in venice.

:flash: tweakfest – a good festival is when you don’t understand a word in their concept? these guys want to start the swiss ars electronica. and they certainly already have the lingo down and know how to write pretentious descriptions that could mean anything. and who doesn’t…

:flash: tsr archives – tsr, swiss-french tv station, is picking up the lead from bbc creative archive and releasing loads of their material online. [via circle/urs]

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