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[stuff what got stuck in my browser tabs this last week or so]


:flash: calls it quits – ugh. the longest running mashup mp3blog [since 2001], in fact the inventor of the genre imho, calls it quits. you had a good run! cheerz mate! apparently the dr. stopped to be able to do more projects like …

:flash: enRAGEd – rage against the machine remix album from boomselection – just what it says on the tin. nice one. torrent.

:flash: beatmixed dj zebra interview – meanwhile is very much stepping up as the successor of, the website not only had a re-design, but also gets much more serious with its content. a dj zebra interview never hurts. and speaking of dj zebra …

:flash: zebra ou zizou? – frenchies listen up. instead of watching zizou lose against switzerland on october 8. you better save yourselves the grief and watch “La télé de A à Z” on france 2 instead with the title music mixed by dj zebra from 19 famous tv title songs. soon on his site. and speaking of genius french bootleggers …

:flash: loo&placido blog – loo&placido finally seem to have a proper website up – with a blog. they are still working on it, for instance i don’t see a RSS link, but some goodies are already up: FU-GEE-LA SOUND SYSTEM or the BLACK BEATLES bit. yummm.

:flash: brad sucks: I Don’t Know What I’m Doing Remixed – and more remixage. brad sucks, who incidently does not suck, nor does he swallow for that matter, has given away the source to his album and people went remix-crazy. another noice one. torrent.


:flash: joi wow rave – i so know i should NOT get started with world of warcraft online gaming… but joi does make it sound soooo tempting and sooooooooooo relevant.

:flash: second life – the claim reads: “a 3D digital online world imagined, created and owned by its residents” but i am kinda lost…

:flash: solar recharger for gadgets – this lets you recharge your gadgets overnight using solar energy. i don’t know yet if this works for the PSP. if it does, simply a must-have.

:flash: psp firmware 2.0 to 1.5 downgrader available – obviously, i don’t want to be the only blog on the planet not to link to this. but in other news: there goes my weekend, apple II on the psp…. [via habi and thanx lopetz:BD]

:flash: iTunes on PSP – fake or not? hmmm [via pspupdates]

:flash: wcg-europe swiss finals today!!! – aha, the national gaming finals in the 8 disciplines: fifa 2005, Counter-Strike, WarCraft III, need 4 speed, halo2, dead or alive, starcraft and warhammer are held today around the corner from my house, kursaal bern.

:flash: les noces funebres – the tim burton movie teaser site lets you find out if are you compatible with your partner? jan & franziska came out at a wooping 84%, we are a “couple d’enfer”!


:flash: suisa creativecommons contact established – kus informs that swiss musicians who decide to release some of their suisa licenced music under a creative commons license instead now have a contact @ suisa.


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