Food Force – politically correct gaming yesterday had a report on the politically correct game Food Force. the game was produced by the WFP, the United Nations World Food Programme, so quite predictably the mission are all about handing out food packages in underdevelopped countries.
i usually have a problem with games with a message. i think gaming is about getting away from the Ă¼berich. but i still wanted to give Food Force a go. yet after the 192 M download and the 30 minute install, dissapointment:
the game does not seem to work on my mac running panther. the game starts up, but afterwards nothing happens. or am i too thick to find the right clicksie?

a pc game only for …errrm… pc? i am afraid i prefer this game, where you are a monkey and you have to avoid poo that other monkeys throw at you. [via 4rthur]

edit: works on tiger! and it looks quite fun. you get to fly choppers. wee

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