the olympic games 2008 open this saturday – in bern

i always rather liked this panda bear remix of the bernese flag that can be seen on the kunstmuseum bern as part of the mahjong exhibit:

bandi 2008

finally it became clear what this is all about:

bandi 2008

panda 2008 – too impatient to wait is the name of the event organised by chinese artist zhao bandi this coming saturday during which he plans to open the olympic games 2008. he is looking for volonteers to join him while he carries the olympic flame from bern bundesplatz to the football stadium wankdorf.
people willing to volonteer should call 031 328 09 44 before friday. they will receive a free rather cool tshirt.
the run starts @ 18.30 and will reach wankdorf @ 19.15.

zhao bandi - bandi 2008 bern

this is a picture of zhao bandi i just took today at a promotional action for the upcoming event here in bern. zhao bandi is known in china as “the pandaman” because he is always seen carrying around his stuffed panda. he is a performance artist who calls himself a “radical socialworker with a lust for life” [in other words he is the strict opposite from me, a socialworker with suicidal tendencies]. and quite a talkative chap he is. very funny.

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