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[stuff what got stuck in my browser tabs this last week or so]

:flash: – a fun hypertext puzzle – try to get to z. only 3 people did so far. my personal best is V, which must not be that hard, because it ain’t even listed.

:flash: remember the milk – it says here: Achieve Domestic Bliss. you can get shopping lists and other task reminders sent to you via email, text message or IM. file under: pragmatic as hell social software. [via sis]

:flash: – the legendary barnstormers colaborated to create this HIV/AIDS awareness website. [via wooster]

:flash: late night shopping – switzerland will soon vote regarding sunday shopping, and late night shopping is not even up for discussion yet. this weebl song should convince the doubters.

:flash: cool musicians who blog – we could of course debate how cool pete townsend, dave navarro and/or moby are, but they all blog. whatever that means nowadays. in comments it first gets worse, brian may, and then slightly better, trent razor.

:flash: filewile: trikif live – another free filewile download. this one’s from a live gig in aarau.

:flash: cssreboot – stupid stoopid st00peed jan. why why why did i subscribe to participate. “CSS Reboot is a community event for web professionals. November 1st, 2005 at 12:00 GMT Rebooters from all over the world will launch their web standards-based redesigns (or designs) simultaneously.” [undo] [undo] [undo] deadline to participate is 15.10.2005. …errr today

:flash: poptones – speaking of impressive CSS driven layouts that validate as xhtml…

:flash: google cheatsheet AND google advanced cheatsheet – official OR geeky?

:flash: wallace & gromit on fire – yeah, well quite literally.

:flash: the shame of not wanting children – a woman shares all the imaginable answers to the questions she receives on why she does not want to have children. and speaking of which…

:flash: this is how babies are made – for all those who wondered.

:flash: silke thoss: shitmaster – this painting of the shitmeister is part of her BigShit series. silke now has a blog called Good morning strange World @ i had to feature it, says sasha: “‘cuz her art kicks ass”.


:flash: podcasting ist tod – es kam bereits im blick…

:flash: zwei wochen ohne – internet. matthias erzählt wie man es überleben kann… sehr witzig geschrieben.

:flash: guido mingels: die revolution die keine war – 15 jahre internet – heute im tagi. “hat die digitale revolution stattgefunden? gibt es den digital divide wirklich? müssen senioren ins internet? sind onliner besser informiert als offliner? funktioniert e-government? sind blogs wichtig? hat das internet das leben verändert? (nein. nein. nein. nein. nein. nein. ein bisschen)” opinionated idjut! alle sehen es anders, aber herr mingels weiss es natürlich besser. blah…


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