puke 4 peace

stefan raab, tv total, has plans for a peace action in his particular style.
he wants germans to vomit a huge peace-sign next summer in mallorca, ballermann beach.
*arf arf*

like this, mr. raab?

however i am less shure about this person’s motives … ???
poop for peace

it’s scary to find more and more pro-war websites lately, i am not shure what this authors intention is …
oh actually i think i start to understand, this is a weblog written from the perspective of a little baby The poopy diaper of Tristyn Finn Cherian
… muuuhhaaahhaha
lookwhostalkingBlog or someffing
“So my parents decided to take me out in my pimpin’ stroller today because it was a balmy 60 degrees here in New York City. My mom has been getting” etc. etc.
i am shure tristyn will love to grow to find out what here parents did with her …

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