abstimmungsfest – reitschule bleibt

reitschule-initiative nein

november 27th bern will vote on the so-called reitschule-initiative. yet again.
pretty much one month before the popular vote there will be a huge party this weekend @ reitschule bern.
28. – 30. october 2005
with concerts [funkstörung!], djs, theater, open mic, movies, food etc.
the full program is [sort of] here.

reitschule-initiative nein!

for those of you who don’t know, reitschule is one of the last, if not THE last, autonomous cultural centers in europe. it has survived, with some interruptions, pretty much from the early 80’s to now. it is run collectively and hosts among other things a club, a cinema, a theater, a restaurant and a huge multipurpose hall. over the years the lively and politically very active place has been the subjected to heavy rightwing lobbying to have it shut down. it will be crucial to get a no on november 27th. more info on this here. [in german]

here’s one very funny flyer:

furzidee flyer

[via frenzine]

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