smash my iPod

smash my ipod yesss! i am not the only iPod hater out there. and these canadians go even further with their loathing, well at least in in a sense they do. they buy iPods to then smash them up. the whole things gets documented and can be seen online. they finance this via user donations.
read more: // You donate, we smash! [via 20min]

my question is, how is this gonna hurt apple in any way though?
i mean, quite on the contrary, mr. jobs must be wetting his panties with joy. who cares if they smash them? it’s still a sale. but i guess its a grand post-modern gesture, right?

now a totally different idea would be to grab iPods from other people to then smash them. but i prolly should not even say this, because otherwise sis will have to yell at me again.

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