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second life @ ito's

:flash: Second Life: i am still totally lost. what am i supposed to do here? i mean besides shopping – ugh. i hate shopping enough in rl. so. uhm – and buying land – which i can’t afford and all the good plots seem taken. i did find joi ito’s and the make magazine land. i like that. they have some cool stuff laying around there. then one very kind woman gave me tons of goth clothing. so i now carry a dagger on my back and wear weird plastic pants. and naturally i made my skin as pale as possible. but uhm. what else? another woman told me when she goes to sleep she stays logged in and dances all night. she has a little programm on her computer that keeps her mouse moving so the system won’t put her in away-mode and log her out. this whole build your own virtual world thing is very fascinating, yet oddly dissapointing as well somehow. are lingerie stores and bingo really all we can come up with?

:flash: mobile games: keith stuart has posted an article some interesting mobile games @ the guardian games blog. some of the examples he mentions do in fact sound cool. i especially like the idea of games that will use the mobile phones camera feature and the multi-user game. maybe on my next phone i can play some of these. [nokia! get that N91 out already!]

high scores: aleks krotoski asks what lengths have you gone to for a high score? and people answer. some hilarious responses.

One of my friends rigged his PS1 controller so that he could level grind his characters in FFVII without him being around. He just left the machine on, and set up the controller using an intricate system of rubberbands and bracing the controller against a hard surface, and off it went.

i am very aware of this subject, because currently franziska and i are locked in a heavy high score battle playing lumines on the PSP. i am in the lead, but constantly afraid that she will beat me. she desperately tries to catch up. we have even considered getting a second PSP so both of us can play. mad.

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