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pheew fixed.

loads of flash this week. for some reason

:flash: crazy rabbit – this is not new, i found this via stumble. the crazy wabbit will jump onto your mouse and hold on to it for dear life. trying to shake him off is great for those moments of frustration during the day.

:flash: batman loopal4ie claims this helps him wake up. me, i am not so sure. makes me want to go hide under a rock.

:flash: link shard – treasure box – point&clicky flash ..errr.. environement? i love the graphic style.

:flash: backing blair VI – Not Over By A Long Shot – political animation by the inimitable tim ireland. [via b3ta newsletter]

:flash: get a chearleader to strip for you – i can’t believe i link to this. here’s why. i think that basically this is a great idea for a game. thats why. oh the shame. [blame 4rthur]


:flash: The onslaught by Jonathan Freedland – “Half of all children aged four don’t know their own name – but two thirds of three-year-olds can recognise the McDonald’s golden arches. Jonathan Freedland investigates the multi-million-pound industry intent on turning teenagers and toddlers alike into avaricious consumers.”

:flash: shaping things by bruce sterling – “Shaping Things is about created objects and the environment, which is to say, it’s about everything. Seen from sufficient distance, this is a small topic” sounds like another bloody must-read.

:flash: – hiiiiiiiilariiiiiiiious

:flash: US Passports to get RFID chip implants – not so hilarious. after much back and forth the RFID chip is coming to the US Passport after all. [via smartmobs]

:flash: – and speaking of RFID, it is striking how many of the nominees for this year’s big brother award, an award given yearly to privacy rights offenders, are using RFID technology. cool. the award ceremony will get streamed this year.

:flash: | beppe brillo’s blog now in english – no garlic please is the latest blog by regine/we-make-money-not-art. this one dedicated to fashion and design | beppe grillo is one of the most popular blogs in italy. written by the radical comedian it is now getting translated fully into english. and speaking of …errr… successful blogs:

:flash: how much is pieceoplastic. com worth? – not enough to retire yet. sadly.

My blog is worth $38,388.72.
How much is your blog worth?

:flash: san francisco in jello – oh how much i miss the city. even to see it in jello makes me quench a tear. here’s a detailed view. [via 4rthur]

:flash: beyonce vs. betty boop | amerie vs betty boop – video mashup [i am so sorry, but i can’t recall the via]

:flash: the year in huricanes – from arlene to rita and beyond


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