pieceoplastic.com on sabbatical

never before in my life did i have such a strong urge to just go and hide under a rock somewhere. so in a way this is what i will be doing this coming month. well, technically not under a rock, but on top of one. yeah, you guessed it, in the swiss alps.

thing is, i need a time out. with all my projectsi work like a dog, totally stressed out, hating what i am doing more and more and i don’t even earn any money doing it. needless to say, it is high time for a major re-think in my life. what do i want to do next? something has to change. in need to get my priorities sorted.

since my last regular dayjob quit on me pretty much 3 years ago exactly, this blog has been one of the major constants in my life. more to the point, it has become part of my life. i have not missed a day blogging since january 2003 – when i missed 2! in that way this blog has been part of my daily routine. so i am going to miss it very much. however, this coming month i will update it much less. i must, no i need to, take a break. in fact i have to decide, if i want to keep going. if i even can. if i do i need to re-organise, re-design the blog. it seems to be that point in time, where i either try to go semi-pro, and try to earn at least some money with it, or i must take it back a few nudges.

i might do my linkdump on saturdays and the occasional must-blog. and maybe the blogumne, in german, on sundays. but other than that, cu in december!

or email me!

feedback very much appreciated.


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