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:flash: creative commons buttons – creative commons has come up with some buttons to help push their fundraiser.

:flash: rotten apple – anther great stayfree rant. this time it’s regarding apple’s use of a rosa park R.I.P. image in an advert.

:flash: RU Sirius EEC interview – r.u.sirius interviews the cut’n’paste pioneers EEC. [via beatmixed]

:flash: PE takes it to the net – wired online article on public enemy’s inspiring use of the internet: “It was Gil Scott-Heron, an important Public Enemy influence, who wrote “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.” Maybe so. But if Chuck D gets his way, it just may be available for download.”

:flash: nominated in best of .net blog category – my question here is: why are there mostly blog tools or meta-blogs nominated? like flickr, moblog, wordpress. in the list i only see one proper blog,

:flash: The Package – the set-up for this game is kinda creepy, you have to disarm the bomb on your desk, but its a great puzzle.

:flash: kill cats – literally. my highscore: 8. then i got frustrated with how large the building parameters are set. [via al4ie]

:flash: girls with guns – because of this image deactivated one of stillalive’s accounts, if i understand correctly. dare to click it, the image is really very harmless. and speaking of chicks with guns, here’s the …

:flash: super bitch bag – [via bb]

:flash: 99 rooms – nice click through online art environement. [via s–]

:flash: fukcing cowboy go home – graffiti to greet dubya bush in argentine. [via woo]


:flash: vote via SMS – one of the things i would have/should have blogged during the week. for anybody who still has not heard, switzerland has tested voting via sms in one village near zurich. the toll of participation was still very low. a there were technical difficulties. but it’s a great idea. ties the mobile phone more to one’s identity.

[stuff what got stuck in my browser tabs this last week or so]

:flash: tweakfest – “tweakfest fragt wie die digitale zukunft aussieht. und wem sie gehört.” great question. and good line up of speakers [bruce sterling!]. i am tempted to give up my mountain retreat for a day or two… hmmm.

:flash: – a few weeks ago i picked this monthly give-away magazine up somewhere and i quite like it. its like a blog, in magazine form. for every day of the month there is a page or two with photos and notes, witty commetaries, poetic contemplations, quotes, jokes. from different authors. on their website they present the mag, read notes, but it also seems that people can contribute, make notes. i have not contributed yet, but i shall. fun idea!


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