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[stuffs what got stuck in my browser this last week]

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:flash: – this netart project trys to raise consciousness regarding the electrical consumption of gadgets in standby mode. they developped a freeware application [in beta + 4 mac only] that will eventually play a random animation each time you switch off your computer.

:flash: eco-robot – fuminori yamasaki looks and walks like his ECO-ROBOT. he presents it under the topic “robots are better dancers”. but unfortunatly there is no live robot dancing. he does show some cool videos. i can’t find a thing on the website. maybe you get more lucky.
his walking robot costs “only” 1000.-. tempting!

:flash: babynamewizard – this java appliction should visualize the frequency in which first names have been used. apparently Jan peaked in the 50’s. but it might only work on IE. and speaking of which:

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kill bill's browser

:flash: kill bill’s browser – another downhillbattle action to “give Internet Explorer that finishing blow it’s been asking for”. they developped a script called explorerdestroyer that will discover if someone visits your page with IE and in that case urges them to download FF.

:flash: google adds creativecommons search – finally. [via lessig]

:flash: blogger investigated for inciting riots in france – oh come on… [via joi ito]

:flash: r. kelly’s closet acapellas – the r. kelly in the closet website offers acapella versions by fans and asks for remixes.

:flash: greatest internet moments – a meme collection. [via waxy]

:flash: blue ball machine – a very cute and rather complex animated gif. [via 4rthur]


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