oh la la.
today i had my first ayurvedic hot oil massage.
so please excuse me if i am a bit spaced out or something…
even mumbeling weird sanskrit words, maybe…
like uhm ohhhmmmmmm, dude
well, it was a great massage, but i have this question:
what is one supposed to do with all the oily residual muck afterwards…
??? namaste!
it’s like yer dripping with oil after the massage, smelly oil even, ommm namo baghavate shivaya, completely utterly obnoxiously smelly dripping oil all over even.
you may be pleased to hear, that everything, that came within my approximative viscinity since then, now sports substantial oil stains and smells of basil essential oils. great huh. so guess what: wash day coming up!
like totally ohhhmmm, dude!

no but really… ohm, what was i saying?

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