sister web is my new hero

sonntagszeitung article :::
sister judith zoebelein, aka sister web, is the franciscan nun responsible for the vatican website.
[no link from me to that website here !!!??? i ll explain inna minute] is probably the only website in the world wide web, which contains no external links whatsoever.
why is that so?
sister web: “the vatican website alone contains the whole and absolute truth. That is why the vatican cannot acknowledge any other website through linking to them”

now that’s rad, huh???
he he

in the same article we also find out, that the server, on which the vatican website is operated, is named after the archangel raphael, that the firewall is called michael and that even gabriel is somehow involved in protecting the website from evil hack attacks. and, particularly endearing, we can read, that the pope sent his first email in 2001 and clicked the appropriate button all by himself, despite the parkinson …

now, you may wonder why this article contains no link to this brilliant website [1.5 million hits per day!] with it’s stylish prached pergament design?
well, it’s that my blog contains the even wholer and much more absolut truth and i cannot justify other websites conating lesser truth by linking to them, right?
what do you say, missie wurzel tod ???

ps: soon we will know which will be the patron saint of the internet …. rightous!

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