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quote of the week:

those online critics, they’re a dime a dozen. everybody with a mouth and a computer.

from chuck palahniuk: haunted isbn 0-224-06445-2

i plead guilty as charged… i love it, he said mouth!


:flash: the 15 enemies of the internet – the list of states where the internet gets heavily censored was published by reporters without borders: Belarus – Burma – China – Cuba – Iran – Libya – The Maldives – Nepal – North Korea – Saudi Arabia – Syria – Tunisia – Turkmenistan – Uzbekistan – Vietnam

:flash: john cusack on politics – “they [the democrats] don’t have the courage to suggest that people who lied to get us into war should not only not be in office, they should be in prison.” cusack was in some awful movies lately, but his politics seem pretty cool. [via american samizdat]

:flash: get back in the box, excerpt 2 by doug rushkoff – “[…] the spirit of authorship [is] presaged by the Internet and now extending to every area of our lives. The hacker mentality is all around us, evidenced in everything from the hubris to learn the entire genetic code and attempt human cloning to a growing stack of new translations of the Bible. Meanwhile, our unintentional impact on the environment, from melting polar icecaps to mercury-toxic oceans, only underscores how much influence we wield.
It is the real legacy of the open source movement—misunderstood even by many of its participants as solely a way to develop computer operating systems, and underestimated in its potential impact by even its staunchest opponents.”
this second excerpt from rushkoff’s new book starts to sound more interesting than excerpt 1 did a few weeks ago.

:flash: paper craft 128k mac – Kenji Eno has built a 128k mac out of paper and offers it for download as PDF.
[via joi ito]

:flash: PSP RCA – “6 students from the Royal College of Art in London have designed a series of concept furniture derived from the statue-like forms of people sitting, standing or leaning against walls engaged in playing the PSP. The furniture is designed for use specifically when playing the PSP, and can be tried out during the exhibition.” [via we-make-money]

:flash: just letters – someone keeps stealing my letters, in this browserbasedmultiuserflashgame. [via sis]

:flash: unhappy anniversary compilation @ unfoundsoundrecords – “2h 45mn to explore numerous genres of electronic music through 26 tracks. the best netrelease ever? we don’t know. the
longest? maybe!” here’s the .zip file [303M]

:flash: dubplate drama – an entirely interactive tv series that will be influenced by viewers sending in their sms/text messages. [via pspupdates]

in german

:flash: – dieses sujet ist teil einer vom berner heimatschutz lancierten bierdeckel kampagne. die realen bierdeckel mussten wegen sexismus vorwurf zurückgerufen werden. online sind sie immer noch zu finden. was will ich damit sagen? ich habe keine ahnung. ich find die ganze sache ausgesprochen amusant. dieses sujet ist auch ziemlich witzig.

:flash: switch-award – der diesjährige switch-award ging an meteo-blue. eine weitere sehr konservative wahl.


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