PEACEoPlastic mix

i just finished a little mix 4 peace with all the great anti-war hiphop tracks, that were posted on the internet lately, plus some older peace favorites.
but do not worry, the madonna song is definitaly not on there! i mean is she nuts??? first she retires her video as a gesture of support to the american troops and then the download of her song against the war costs $1.49 per download. for a mp3, digital clutter, some “0”s and “1”s!!! who is trying to make money off the war here ???

not me. uhm
if you want a copy of the mix i ll send it to you just for cost. just paypal me some money. minimum $2.00, which just about covers material and postage.

please use the paypal donation button on the top left side of this page and don’t forget to send me your adress.
peace not war – hip hop & more

01. saul williams: not in our name [mp3]
02. saul williams: bloodletting [mp3]
03. chris morris: bushwacked
04. chris morris: bushwacked 2 vs osymyso slushalodamix [mp3]
05. beastie boys: in a world gone mad [mp3: mp3]
06. dj shadow feat. mos def: six days [mo�wax]
07. bdp: stop the violence [jive 112-1-jd]
08. deckwrecka: secret warz [ronin rdlp 01]
09. sage francis: hey bobby, spoken word [anticon abr0027]
10. lyricist lounge all-stars feat. krs 1, zack de la rocha, the last emperor: c.i.a. [rawkus rwk 183]
11: casetteboy: blair vs. Bush [mp3: boom selection: never mind the bootlegs]
12. zack de la rocha & dj shadow ::: march of death [mp3]
13. mac lethal ::: pass the ammo [mp3]
14. sage francis ::: hey bobby [mp3]
15. steinski & mass media: it�s up to you [ninja tune zen1211]
16. paul hardcastle: 19 [chrysalis]
17. consolidated: this is fascism : lionrock�s destroy all nazis mix [prolp]
18. dreadzone: fight the power [totem ttp12 003]
19. coldcut: re:volution [ninja tune zen 1288]
20. life: blair & bush [zebra traffic zeb traf 010]
21. q-burn�s abstract message: song for peace [mephisto mr011]
22. saul williams: not in our name : dj goo rmx [mp3]
23. curtis mayfield: we got to have peace [sequel nemlp 966]

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