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anticon hoodies:

anticon hoodie

the white one looks a bit too KKK for me, but this is cool stuff. “Hooded sweatshirt for grafers, ugly people, snow-boarders, fetichists… or simply super heros”.

loo&placido mix cd:

[s]mashing machine loo&placido

they say they send the cd’s out within 2 days of payment. and i can confirm. i received mine within a couple of days. ace bootleg/mashup mix with loads of l&p’s own excellent work on there..



but sex is not wrong. evar.

monkeypunk tshirt:

monkeypunk tshirt

i knowww. i should be banned from … errrm… the planet for ego-plugging. but i love these goddamn shirts… great design by frau affen punk. dontchu agree?

d.rushkoff: get back in the box

get back in the box

i hate the title. but i guess i am just stuck in, brainwashed with, the think-outside-the-box doctrine. also, business books suck. quite generally. but judging from the “thought viruses”, or is that thought virae?, in fact excerpts from the book, rushkoff has been posting on his blog i think this will be a great read.

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