creativecommons switzerland in geneva

Creative Commons, la nouvelle donne en matière de droits d’auteur? [pdf]
7. december 2005 – university geneva.
Uni Bastions, Rue de Candolle 3, ground floor, room B 012

oh heck, thats tonite? one should almost go to geneva for this.
but no need to. its on the radio. and online as well…
couleur3 20:00.

the panelists:
* Dr. Vincent Salvade, head jurist at SUISA (, the Swiss author’s rights collecting society;
* Dr. Christian Laux, also a specialist in author’s rights and co-responsible of the Swiss branch of Creative Commons (;
* Mr. Lucien Nicolet, AKA Swiss-Chilean DJ/producer Luciano. A young, successful electronic music artist who runs his Cadenza record label from Berlin (;
* Mr. Samuel Vuillermoz, Couleur 3 national radio station moderator (?Société Anonyme?)

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