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[stuffs what gots stuck in my browser this last week]

j.l. godard 75
jean-luc godard 75
[actually a week ago last saturday already – for some reason i read that he died, but he “only” turned 75, pheew]

:flash: Sony Draws Ire With PSP Graffiti
– sony’s use of graffiti in a PSP campaign in the US has upset quite a few people. wooster collective has a gallery of the defaced corporate graffiti ads. i like the one where it says FONY. but how does that one go: bad press is good press?

:flash: Q-Unit 50 cent vs. queen – and another one bites the mashup… [via habi]

:flash: public domaine torrents – “ALL MOVIES LISTED HERE ARE BELIEVED TO BE IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN!”. just like the podsafe music network these sites help us proclaim: let’s go legal.

:flash: sky – we all agree, cloudsurfing should be a real sport. but since it isn’t this flash site will help us fake it. [via 4rthur]

:flash: that rabbit video – it’s actually a motorola ad, so bollocks to that. but i do like it. damn me. but i mean, that rabbit is just too… [via al4ie, damn him too]

:flash: pictoplasma goodies – miss punka lists some of the animation goodies she saw at the pictoplasma con in berlin.

:flash: pesky-sheep – not a new, but a really great lil animation i found via stumble.

:flash: swiss | blogs | turf | war | continuedand who the fcuk cares? or: boys will be boys. or: well said sis [how goes alter schwede?]
edit: actually, i do care. more about this tomorrow.

:flash: dj riko: merry mixmas 2005 – i am really not sure if i like this yet. but hey, it got dj riko a 509 bandwidth exceeded.

AND: Boring! FRANCE? AGAIN? i mean come on, man. there should be laws preventing this.


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