forced ex-smokers claim trains with a vengeance

yesterday i took the train to zurich and back and for the first time in a totally smoke-free train. so far so cool.
but there is one thing “they” might not have thought through when imposing this new rule:

the young, loud, aggressive idjuts used to mostly sit in the smoking compartments of the train.
so by sitting in the non-smoking part you were able to avoid them.

now these kids are all over the train AND the are on nicotine withdrawal… oh oh. we’re in trouble.

on my way to zurich i had 2 involontary non-smokers next to me banging games on their mobile phones with the volume up as loud as possible while contemplating, if they should ignore the ban, still smoke a cigarette and accept the fine. on the way home another forced non-smoker was complaining the whole time to nobody in particular, repeating the sentence “i sooo need to smoke a cigarette right now” like a mantra, while jamming his foot into the pack of my seat rythmically.
i am not sure i like this… either these guys chill out sometime or i think it would be better to let them smoke again.

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