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[stuffs what gots stuck in my browser this last week]

:flash: sky opener viral – the problem is, the sky looks actually better after the plane has ripped it open in this video with a message …

:flsh: monkey drummer – the music is …errr… hard to take, but this chris cunningham video is quite outraegous.

:flash: d. rushkoff: get back in the box – it’s supposed to be fun – for completion’s sake here’s the last exerpt of the new d.rushkoff book.

:flash: Blogger Web Comments – firefox extension that when visiting a given webpage lets you see who recently commented on it. i am still trying to wrap my head around it, but this seems quite useful. the only problem i see: if you want to add a comment it is only possible using a blogger account, of course… coming from google.

:flash: – experimental poetry magazine. someone suggested this link, and i must admit i don’t quite get it. i like it tho, cool design and an excellent to do list on the frontpage.

:flash: music made on a mobile phone? sure thing – 5 tracks made by Steve Cooley on a treo650… [via de:bug newsletter]

:flash: drawball – online taging system.

:flash: ¡mucha lucha! – is a very simple yet fantastic point’n’click flash game. samorast2 is of course nice, too. but the egg game takes (or bakes?) the cake. [all via 4rthur]

:flash: – and the silly image of the week award goes to the other michael.

:flash: cat scratch fever – this anim is not half-bad either [thanx klav]

german/swiss stuff

:flash: the new ping.hub seems to work – the efforts to create one central swiss feed directory have been implemented very fast. and the corresponding ping.hub seems to work nicely. to help test it: in wordpress, add in wp-admin > options > writing > update services. et voila. the link will change to in a few days.

:flash: Denkanstoss fürs Publikum – swissinfo article on [thanx klav]

spoonfork # 3

:flash: spoonfork # 3 – the german screen magazine in its 3rd issue. it’s still well done yet maybe slightly too christmasy. judging from the countdown on page 1 it seems like they have gone bi-monthly. maybe they should have a newsletter or RSS feed to inform us on new issues. and i also wonder where the older issues went…

zoomer boys bern

:flash: zoomer boys bern – my friend lopetz has started this blog/gallery for zoomer fans in bern. he he. [in german only]

:flash: swissbank notes sporting AIDS virus – and i almost forgot to mention these… [via bruno]

OOPs oF THe wEEk

:flash: noemi, 20, milks her alleged one-night stand with robbie williams – and the media is all over her. this is really sad, shocking, terrible, outragous, nuts. i totally feel for you noemi, protect yourself. your 15 minutes of fame will be over sooooooo fast…


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