wordpress 2.0 release candidate

WordPress 2.0 Release Candidate – wordpress developers have asked to give wp 2.0 a final shake, to eliminate the last bugs before its release. i have not tested it extensivly yet, as i was mostly interested to see what merrits this release the version jump from 1.5.2 to 2.0.

wordpress 2.0 is sooo web 2.0

in one word? AJAX. but no AJAX on the front-end. the action is mostly happening in the admin area. and i am actually not sure how i feel about that. the WYSYWIG text editor for the posts is nice, for those who need it. for someone used to and liking to write html it is a royal pain in the ass always having to start up a pop-up to write html. i think the WYSYWIG editor should be optional (edit1: as it turns out it is optional, but uhm where? edit2: uhhh found it, elegant! in the user profile). then all the post settings are now hidden behind AJAX pull-downs, which means more clicks instead of less. while technorati tags have not been added and even worse, my trusted bunny’s technorati tags plugin no longer works. so uhm. what else is new. oh, something called “current theme editor” lets the user re-design the kubrick header in 3 clicks. which means we will have to live with still more boring kubrick layouts in wordpress. in short, ugh and i am not sold yet.

so does wp 2.0 merrit the version step? not sure, but i guess everybody and his dogs latest catch phrase web 2.0 demands for a wp 2.0.

here’s a commented list of the new features

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