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[stuffs what gots stuck in my browser this last week]

:flash: coldcut podcast – stick this in your feedreader/podcasting app asap. when the big shots start to podcast, i can safely slack off for now… podcast 1 | 2 [via sis]

:flash: rss reader for psp – some guy called freeplay is working on an rss/xml reader for the psp. it aint working quite yet, but this will be ace. runs on the lua game engine.

:flash: google image ripper – lets you avoid the thumbnails and go straight for the goods. pieceoplastic looks interesting as does monkeypunk. [thanx sis!] which brought me to:

:flash: monkey punk – a surf movie called monkey punk? “somebody” research this please…

:flash: france trying to make filesharing legit – by introducing a flatfee to the isp’s, if i understand this correctly. this might be a move in the right direction. more here and here. and speaking of france:

:flash: the french democracy – this movie about the recent french riots was produced using the pc game the movies. i heard about this on tv, so its prolly been all around the blogs already. but this is fantastic. movie of the year alert.

:flash: yahoo buys – and christoph is not amused: “Yahoo acquires the whole friggin’ internet around me; whatever i sign up for, yahoo buys it – rocketmail, geocities, flickr, upcoming and now” please christoph, do not sign up for plazes. please…

:flash: b3ta best of 2005 – 2005 hasn’t been very b3ta for me so this will give me hours of clickage. and speaking of lists:

:flash: lists 2005 – a list of end of year lists.

:flash: the best of web 2.0 software – i think this guy knows his web 2.0.

:flash: Web 2.0 vs. Autofellatio: a comparison study – while this guy thinks sucking yourself off and web2.0 is basically the same.

:flash: Web 2.0 is dead. R.I.P. – while this guy digs it a grave. or: oh how very quickly something can turn into an un-word. [via kus]

:flash: breakdancing with fingers – spectacular, if you like odd. [via 4rthur, i think…]

:flash: best blonde joke ever – and yes usually blonde jokes are stupid, but, man this one… *hmpf*

:flash: kill bill in one go – qt plans to re-cut kill bill to make it into one movie. will it be any better tho? hmmm [via digg]

swiss focus | german

:flash: down and out in berlin – [in german] great investigative journalism by this reporter who lived for 3 days among the homeless in berlin. [via existentielles besserwissen mercedes bunz blog]

:flash: hey dj fuck you – [in german] i really enjoyed reading this article in which a dj wonders out loud why people pay him to play records. hilarious.

:flash: societe anonyme: Le blog change-t-il la société? stephanie booth and other bloggers speak about blogs. this radio showed aired last tuesday on coleur 3. but you can still catch it via a stream [en francais]. which helped me discover:

:flash: the garden gnome blog – a blog dedicated to those ugly creatures that stand around gardens in these parts… w00t.

and with that i wish you a merry christmas

and lets hope tomorrow or the day after we won’t have too many of these laying around:

drunk santa

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