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[stuffs what gots stuck in my browser this last week]
[uhm, why 53???]

:flash: how the nintendo revolution works – google video on how the nintendo revolution will work. hmmmm interesting. my godson tarik (11) immediately said, nah, he likes his controller the way it is [via endgageted]

:flash: next GTA set in london 1997 – i love rumors, and i even prefer spreading them

:flash: paint that will protect you from wifi emisiions – very likely! [via digg]

:flash: love graffiti – someone collecting all the graffiti dedicated to loved ones, i love fernando [via 4rthur]

:flash: just seeds – radical culture – online store for all things anarchism and graffiti

:flash: graffiti hackers – what artists have been inventing based on graffiti [both via wooster]

:flash: this is not a magazine – its not, its an … errrmmm …

:flash: best albums of 2005 – there are many many best album lists out there, of course. lets just say this one is the best one and be done with it.

:flash: doc: nein absolut nicht – the music is not totally great, but this album is based on one episode of german cult cop tv series “der alte”

:flash: what football taught us in 2005 – essential reading, if your into english football, that is…


:flash: which was the most important event 2005 in the swiss blogosphere – asks matthias over at hmmm, there have been so many that i can’t decide. maybe in the end it is the whole discussion surrounding the open feed dirtectory. or to sum it up in more general terms, the swiss blogosphere is growing up.

and with that, i wish you all a happy happy [thanx miss.gunst]

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